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Vadilal Ice Cream Order Online

Vadilal Online: How We Brought The Idea To Life

Summer has arrived. People are flocking the ice cream parlors to relish lip-smacking flavors. Instagram stories are full of happy pictures of friends and families bonding over their favorite ice creams. The most cheerful time of the year is back.

We wish!

Unfortunately, the Summer of 2020 didn’t happen this way. The country is locked down and ice cream parlors are no exception. 

It’s been almost 2 months since people’s lives have been turned upside down due to the coronavirus outbreak. The stress and anxiety levels are at a peak. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to live a new kind of life which is not very easy to deal with. 

Brands are forced to rethink their operating models. Businesses need to get going anyhow, not just for their own survival but also because their customers need them.

Vadilal Group has risen to the occasion and decided to become a savior for all the ice cream lovers out there.

Yes, our most precious summertime moments can still be cherished as Vadilal Ice Creams goes online!


Vadilal Online – The Beginning

Back in 2017, we had worked with Vadilal Ice Creams for their website revamp. It was an absolute pleasure for us to have delivered a solution that resonated exactly with their vision.  

Now, as the company decided to launch a separate website only for online orders, we were super excited to be associated with the Vadilal group again. 

This time, it was very special for us and we are so proud of how things went about. We will talk about why it was special in the latter sections. Before that, here is a sneak peek into the project details.


Project Brief

The company had a clear objective behind launching this website. They wanted to make it as easy as possible for their customers to place orders for their favorite ice creams. The design needed to be appealing but the layout needed to be extremely simple and clutter-free. 


How We Made it Happen

As opposed to the highly creative and design-focused website we made for Vadilal Ice Creams, we decided to emphasize on minimalism for Vadilal Online. 

The landing page of the website consists of a minimalistic banner at the top that serves two purposes. With the help of cordial design and concise copy, the banner slideshow effectively communicates the essence of the website to the users and how they can go about placing an order.



Below that, we have listed the product categories to facilitate quick and easier browsing for the users. As soon as a user finds the ice cream of their choice, they can head to the checkout page with just 2 clicks. 


Vadilal Icecream Product Online


The website provides a hassle-free checkout to the users and displays the order summary before the user places the order.


The color scheme of the website matches the brand image of the company and the typography gives it a quirky, whimsical look.

We dare you, you cannot go through the website without being tempted to place an order!


So What’s So Special About This? Well, Here’s The Catch

We have been working with a diverse client base for over 7 years now. Web design and development is a regular component of our scope of work. But once in a while, we like to challenge ourselves and break our own records.

Vadilal Online WebsiteWe are very proud to share that we went from receiving the project brief to making the website live in just six days! 

Our team consists of creative rockstars who worked super hard and pulled all-nighters to bring the project to life.

Between Friday and Wednesday, we decoded the project requirements, conceptualized the website layout, designed the user interface, carried out the entire development part, tested the website, and finally got it approved by the client.


Here’s what Vishal Surti, President of Sales & Marketing at Vadilal Ice Creams had to say,

“Having seen the quality of work done by Eight Petals on the Vadilal Ice Creams website revamp, we knew we could rely on them for building Vadilal Online Web Application. Team Eight Petals merits my highest recommendation for their outstanding services and professionalism.”

Complete Vadilal Online Website


Fighting COVID-19, The Eight Petals Way

We can’t even imagine what the current situation of the world would be if it weren’t for the doctors, nurses, scientists, public administration officials, and other front-line warriors who have been working tirelessly to keep all of us safe. The world will be eternally grateful to them for their valuable contributions.

However, we believe that the best way to show our gratitude is to do our part in fighting the pandemic. If it’s up to the front-line warriors to keep us safe, it’s up to us, the businesses to keep the economy going. 

We, at Eight Petals, have taken it upon ourselves to work extra hard during these challenging times. Our teams have gone remote but our work culture and determination have become even stronger. 

It’s our earnest endeavor to put our best foot forward when it comes to helping our clients reach out to their customers through various channels. 

Considering the uncertainty in the current circumstances, each of our team members goes beyond the call of duty to deliver the most feasible solutions in the least possible time.

The Contagion has forced us to stay divided but our spirits are more united than ever!