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Creating Interactive Web Experience for Vadilal Icecreams

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The Client Brief

Vadilal Ice Creams, an iconic name in the dessert industry, has been synonymous with delicious frozen treats since its inception in 1907. With a rich legacy spanning over a century, Vadilal has captivated the taste buds of generations with its wide range of ice creams, frozen desserts, and snacks. Their commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation has established Vadilal as a beloved brand cherished by ice cream enthusiasts of all ages.

Recognizing the need to enhance their online presence and provide customers with a seamless web experience, Vadilal approached us with the task of revamping their website. They sought to create a digital platform that not only showcases their diverse range of products but also engages customers. As their trusted digital partner, we collaborated closely with Vadilal to understand their brand identity, customer preferences, and business objectives, adding value through website development.

Building an Interactive Web Experience for the Ice Cream Legends

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Colour Palette

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Handcrafted Graphics for Vadilal’s Website Development

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Flavours in Motion: Animated Visuals for an Interactive Experience

Website Visual Site Map

How It Turned Out

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Impact Overview


Website Traffic


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