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Stall Design at Vibrant Gujarat for Sustainable Thermal Tech Provider

stall design


Established in 1997, Abhitech Energycon pioneers sustainable technology solutions, aiming to revolutionize fuel combustion for a greener future. With expertise in thermal combustion catalysts, they offer end-to-end solutions with a focus on quality and efficiency. Their global reach and adherence to international standards reflect their commitment to excellence. Recognizing the need to make a strong impression at Vibrant Gujarat 2015, Abhitech Energycon sought our assistance for stall design. We collaborated closely with them to create captivating displays that effectively showcased their innovative solutions and commitment to sustainability.

stall design

The Process

For Abhitech Energycon’s stall at Vibrant Gujarat 2015, we meticulously designed six panels to effectively communicate their services and offerings. Each panel was strategically crafted to highlight different aspects of their business, including their innovative solutions, global network, and unwavering commitment to clients. Through collaborative discussions and iterative design refinements, we ensured that every panel accurately reflected Abhitech’s brand identity and key messaging.

stall design

The Impact

The stall design we created for Abhitech Energycon had a significant impact at Vibrant Gujarat 2015. The panels effectively captured the attention of attendees and provided clear insights into the company’s capabilities and values. By showcasing their extensive range of services, global network, and client-centric approach, we helped Abhitech strengthen its brand presence and generate valuable leads during the event.