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Stall Design Project for a Renowned Icecream Packaging Solutions Provider


Print-n-Pack is a leading provider of ice cream packaging solutions in India, known for its quality-conscious approach and technological expertise. With over twenty-two years of experience, Print-n-Pack specializes in aluminium foil cone sleeves and rolled sugar cones, offering customized packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. They approached us to assist in designing an engaging stall to showcase their cutting-edge packaging solutions at industry events.

The Process

Our journey with Print-n-Pack commenced with a comprehensive understanding of their brand essence, product range, and target audience. This initial phase laid the foundation for our design conceptualization process. At the heart of our approach was the seamless integration of Print-n-Pack’s product showcase. We strategically arranged the stall layout focusing on their packaging solutions, inviting visitors to explore the intricacies and quality of their offerings. Throughout the iterative design process, we maintained close collaboration with Print-n-Pack, incorporating their feedback and refining the design to align with their brand vision and objectives. This collaborative effort ensured that the final stall design not only met but exceeded Print-n-Pack’s expectations, reflecting their unique identity and positioning them as industry leaders.

The Impact

The stall design we crafted for Print-n-Pack made a profound impact, serving as a dynamic representation of their brand identity and product excellence. Its vibrant aesthetics and strategic layout garnered significant attention, drawing in a diverse audience of industry professionals and prospective clients. By showcasing Print-n-Pack’s packaging solutions in a visually compelling manner, the stall design effectively communicated the quality and versatility of its products. Furthermore, the inclusion of certifications and quality standards within the stall design instilled a sense of trust and confidence in Print-n-Pack’s brand. Overall, our collaborative efforts culminated in a stall design that not only elevated Print-n-Pack’s presence at industry events but also strengthened its brand image and fostered valuable connections with event attendees.

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