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Seafood Photography for the Pioneer of the Indian Seafood Exports

Introducing Crabi, a seafood brand that transports you to the serene waters of the Krabi Islands in Thailand. As a venture by the esteemed Hiravati Group, Crabi is dedicated to delivering the freshest and finest oceanic delights to customers worldwide. With a focus on authenticity, quality, and sustainability, Crabi ensures that each catch is meticulously selected and responsibly sourced, reflecting the legacy of the Hiravati Group’s five-decade-long commitment to excellence in the seafood industry.

At Bloop, we had the delightful opportunity to showcase Crabi’s exquisite seafood through our photography lens. From perfectly plated crab claws with tantalizing dips to vibrant fish set against diverse backdrops, our photographs captured the essence of Crabi’s premium offerings. We meticulously crafted each shot to highlight the freshness, flavour, and variety of Crabi’s seafood, ensuring that every image evokes a mouthwatering sensation. Whether it was capturing fish fingers bathed in natural light or presenting seafood spreads that tempt the palate, our photography aimed to transport viewers to the bountiful depths of the ocean, where Crabi’s culinary delights await.

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