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Rebranding Project for Study Planner, Ahmedabad-based Foreign Education Consultancy for a Modern, Approachable Identity

SP Study Planner has been a trusted name in overseas education consultancy since 2012, guiding students to their dream universities across the globe. Representing over 400+ universities in 18+ countries, including top academic destinations like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and more, Study Planner is dedicated to providing top-notch services and the best choices for students aspiring to study abroad. As a Qualifi-approved organization, they focus on helping students navigate the complexities of overseas education, tailoring the best study abroad destinations to each student’s unique profile and needs.

In our collaboration with Study Planner, we embarked on an exciting rebranding journey to create a fresh, modern identity that resonates with today’s students. Our goal was to develop a more approachable and relevant brand image while maintaining the integrity and excellence that Study Planner is known for. 

We started with the creation of a new logo that reflects the dynamic and supportive nature of Study Planner. The new logo is designed to be more contemporary and inviting, capturing the essence of the brand’s commitment to student success.

Next, we extended this new identity across a range of brand stationery, merchandise, and marketing collaterals. Each piece was crafted to ensure consistency and reinforce the brand’s new look and feel. From business cards and letterheads to branded merchandise, every item was designed to be both functional and visually appealing.

For their marketing efforts, we developed compelling brand presentations and print & outdoor materials that effectively communicate Study Planner’s services and values. These materials were designed to engage and inform potential students and their families, highlighting the extensive support and opportunities Study Planner offers.

Through this comprehensive rebranding project, we have helped Study Planner transform its image and better connect with its target audience, ensuring that they continue to lead the way in overseas education consultancy.

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