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Portfolio / Digital Marketing / Girveda

Launching a D2C Brand of Natural Farming Food & Ayurvedic Products


5-Pronged Communication Strategy

At the onset of our collaboration with Girveda, our primary focus was to craft a comprehensive 5-Pronged Communication Strategy aimed at strengthening the brand’s digital presence. We focused on introducing concepts like CBNF (Cow-Based Natural Farming), highlighting Girveda’s roots in Gir, showcasing its product range, and building trust and credibility. By crafting engaging stories and tailored messages, we aimed to create a strong connection with our audience and establish Girveda as a trusted brand offering holistic wellness solutions with a blend of tradition and innovation.

CBNF, A New Concept to Explain

In the next step, we focused on introducing the concept of CBNF (Cow-Based Natural Farming) to a wider audience. Recognizing its lesser-known status, we used informative videos to educate viewers about CBNF while emphasizing Girveda’s dedication to sustainable practices. These videos helped build trust and credibility, establishing Girveda as a leader in eco-friendly farming methods.

Standing Out: Girveda’s Distinctive Origin Story

In a crowded market, Girveda emerged as the only brand rooted in Gir-Somnath. While others focused on Gir Cows, Girveda’s local presence gave it a unique advantage. We emphasized this special connection to establish Girveda as a trustworthy and credible choice in the industry.

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Social Bites: Girveda’s Organic Saga

Through strategic collaboration with Girveda, we highlighted the distinctiveness of each product, emphasizing quality ingredients and sustainable practices. Our endeavour aimed to showcase Girveda as a leader in the industry, offering customers a comprehensive array of wellness solutions tailored to their needs and preferences.

Credibility – Doctors, Consumers, Influencers

We collaborated with healthcare professionals, satisfied consumers, and influential voices in the wellness community to showcase the effectiveness and reliability of Girveda’s offerings. By amplifying real-life experiences and endorsements, we solidified Girveda’s reputation as a trusted brand, garnering trust and loyalty among its audience.

Embracing Regional Roots: Girveda’s Authenticity Unveiled

By showcasing the brand’s deep-rooted connection to its origin, we tapped into the hearts of our audience, fostering a sense of pride and resonance. This strategic endeavor not only enhanced Girveda’s visibility but also strengthened its bond with its community, paving the way for sustained growth and engagement.