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Spreading The Covid Care of a Superspeciality Hospital Through Social Media

Hospital social media marketing
hospital social media marketing

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During the challenging times of COVID-19, Aarna Superspeciality Hospital sought our expertise at Bloop to navigate the digital landscape. As the pandemic unfolded, our collaborative efforts focused on spreading critical awareness through strategic social media campaigns. From advocating vaccination drives to addressing health concerns, our initiatives sparked a significant rise in inquiries and community engagement, reinforcing Aarna’s commitment to public health.

hospital social media marketing
hospital social media marketing

Empowering Vaccination: Aarna Superspeciality’s Digital Journey

Our thoughtful awareness posts and targeted campaigns worked like magic, drawing more people to Aarna Superspeciality for vaccination. This collaborative effort turned the hospital into a trusted destination for healthcare, uniting the community in the fight against COVID-19.

Vax Up, Stand Strong: COVID Vaccine Awareness Campaign

They were on a mission to spread awareness about COVID-19 vaccines. Dive into our past digital journey, where through digital mediums we helped them educate, dispel myths, and encourage the community to stand strong against the pandemic.

In the Moment: Aarna Superspeciality’s
Digital Healthcare Chronicles

From real-time health updates to instant awareness campaigns, Aarna Hospital, with the collaboration of Bloop, used moment marketing to connect with the community in the most humanly possible way.

hospital social media marketing