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Creating a Gifting E-commerce Website for
Handcrafted Items

The Client Brief

We had the pleasure of collaborating with Nunmun(e-commerce website development) – much like the first words uttered by a child, resonating as a love language understood only by those who truly care. They specialize in crafting handcrafted wooden pieces, exchanged between individuals to express their deepest and most sincere emotions.

Given the profound human sentiment woven into Nunmun’s creations, our task was to develop a website that embodies the same human touch and emotions. Additionally, we aimed to ensure a seamless customer journey, from browsing the product page to completing the purchase. We made certain that this ecommerce gifting website development seamlessly integrated all necessary functionalities to enhance the user experience.

Crafting a User-Centric Gifting E-commerce Website

gifting e-commerce website

Pastel Colour Palette

gifting e-commerce website
gifting e-commerce website

Website Visual Site Map

gifting e-commerce website

How It Turned Out

The Impact

Packaging and

Social Media