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Making a Shopify Website for a D2C Start-up

The Client Brief

Girveda aims to deliver 100% Natural Food and Ayurvedic products globally, employing ancient Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) methods with farmers from the Gir-Somnath region.

Their vision was for a user-friendly, modern Shopify store that blends storytelling with e-commerce functionality, enabling nationwide distribution of their unique products. One of the major challenges was explaining the relatively unknown CBNF concept, our solution effectively balanced education and engagement.

FMCG E-commerce website

Roots to Origin: Heritage-Inspired Design

Explore Girveda’s roots through Bloop’s design choices, harmonizing earthy color palettes, tribal motifs, and regional influences. Witness how tradition seamlessly intertwines with modernity, reflecting Girveda’s rich heritage and deep connection to the land.

Earthy Tone and Colour Pallete


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C0 M72 Y1 K44


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C0 M72 Y1 K44


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Custom Brand Elements





fmcg e-commerce website

100% Chemical Free

fmcg e-commerce website

100% Natural Produce

Gir Cows

Wealthy Farmer

Home To Heritage

Healthy Soil

Unique Indigenous

Rich in Nutrition

Storytelling: Cultivating Narratives

Witness how we infused Girveda’s website with compelling narratives, spotlighting the journey of farmers and the essence of Cow Based Natural Farming (CBNF) to sow seeds of awareness and appreciation.

video mask

Transparency: Illuminating Every Aspect

Experience the innovation behind the ‘Know What You Eat’ page, a brainchild of Bloop’s ingenuity. With backend integration, this feature allows consumers to scan products for detailed batch information, fostering trust and transparency with every interaction.

fmcg e-commerce website

Website Visual Site Map

fmcg e-commerce website

How It Turned Out

fmcg e-commerce website
fmcg e-commerce website
fmcg e-commerce website

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