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Packaging Revamp for an Iconic Flour Brand

FMCG packaging design

Packaging of Gaay Range of Products: Tradition in Every Wrap

Discover the legacy of Gaay Packaging, where the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine meets the art of packaging. Established in 1962, Gaay Packaging has been an integral part of the Bhagwati Group’s journey in FMCG packaging design.

Our collaboration with Gaay Packaging encompasses a spectrum of products, including the finest Sooji, Besan, and Chakki Fresh Atta.

fmcg packaging design

Chakki Fresh Aata Elegance

Witness the seamless blend of tradition and modernity in the packaging of Gaay’s Chakki Fresh Atta, promising freshness with every use. At Gaay Packaging, we take pride in crafting designs that mirror the soul of each product in FMCG packaging design. Every package tells a story, a tale of tradition, quality, and the culinary heritage Gaay is renowned for. Explore the elegance, embrace the authenticity, and savor the essence of Gaay’s range through our meticulously designed packaging.

fmcg packaging design

Maida Magic

Discover the magic of Gaay’s Maida, packaged to perfection. From the fields to your kitchen, our packaging preserves the quality and purity of this culinary essential.

Sooji Sensation

A packaging that echoes the purity and texture of Gaay’s premium Sooji, capturing the essence of homemade delicacies.