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Curating a Special Edition Film for Leading Newspaper Brand

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Divya Bhaskar is one of Gujarat’s leading Gujarati Newspaper owned by D B Corp Ltd. It is one of the highest circulation Gujarati dailies as of today. The newspaper launched in Ahmedabad on 23rd June 2003 with a record breaking 452,000 copies. Within 15 months of its launch in Ahmedabad, the brand penetrated the highly potential market of Surat and Vadodara in Gujarat. By 2009, Divya Bhaskar became the largest circulated Gujarati daily with 11.5 copies. Today, Divya Bhaskar is regarded as one of the most reputed newspapers in the entire Gujarat.

Hence, when Divya Bhaskar decided to do something special, we became their partners in creating something that would take the brand to a whole new level.

The brand decided to print an 80 pages special edition newspaper, a first of its kind in Gujarat. We were given the mammoth task of filming the entire process right from taking shots from the editing studio, to capturing clips from the printing press, to packing of the newspapers at the early morning hours, dispatch of the newspapers in trucks, to retail newspaper outlets and since we love to go that extra mile, we also captured clips of a customer reading the newspaper in the morning. However this was not even half of the task that we managed to do skilfully with our team of expert videographers.

The insane task of the entire project was the turnaround time for the video. Not only did we rush across different departments of Divya Bhaskar capturing content, we also managed to edit the entire video, surpassing the quality standards of our client and managed to post the video on Divya Bhaskar’s social media platforms by 9:00AM the same morning. We are talking about a less than 12 hours delivery time of an entire special edition video.

Yes, you read it right! We captured clips from every possible department with our team efficiently following the process of newspaper printing, went all the way till the customer read the newspaper and compiled it all within a matter of a few hours.

A project of this stature requires expertise and passion for creating outstanding content, more than anything else. The entire Film project was a successful campaign that got the brand in the spotlight as the entire project was covered in multiple publications and published on various platforms.

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