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Fabricating a Stall for Jika, a Three Decade Old Steel Manufacturer


JIKA is a well-known name with a bold vision to redefine excellence in the field of engineering. With over 30 years of experience, JIKA has established itself as a trusted leader, delivering cutting-edge solutions in various sectors. Our task was to create display panels for them at the very renowned ACREX 2024 held in Delhi.

exhibition stall design

The Process

During the design and development phase, we leveraged JIKA’s 30 years of engineering expertise to craft innovative solutions. We emphasized the trust and technology integration part, showcasing a track record of successful projects spanning data centre design, manufacturing, and installation. JIKA’s commitment to precision and quality ensured the delivery of tailored solutions that exceeded client expectations.

exhibition stall design

The Execution

At the exhibition, JIKA’s stall panels highlighted their extensive capabilities and global reputation as a trusted engineering partner. From showcasing previous work with renowned data centre leaders to presenting a wide range of custom-designed products, JIKA demonstrated its commitment to excellence. With a focus on international standards and customized solutions, JIKA offers a comprehensive suite of engineering services tailored to meet global requirements.

exhibition stall design
exhibition stall design

Packaging and

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