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Trailer and Event Coverage Video for a Leading Foreign Education Consultancy

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Introducing Rao Consultants, a beacon of excellence in foreign education consultation, visa and immigration services, and competitive examination coaching. With a steadfast commitment to vision, dedication, and transparency, Rao Consultants has set industry standards and garnered trust among students and professionals alike.

Bloop has had the privilege of partnering with Rao Consultants since its inception, assisting them in various aspects such as office branding, stationery, and rebranding initiatives. Additionally, we have been entrusted with managing their educational fairs, providing students with invaluable opportunities for academic and professional growth. From branding to venue setup and marketing, we ensure that each event is a resounding success. Our comprehensive coverage includes captivating trailer videos and event highlights, capturing the essence of these educational gatherings and showcasing the enriching experiences they offer. Here’s a glimpse of the trailer we crafted for one of their educational fairs, along with the after-movie showcasing the event’s highlights.