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Curating an Innovative Stall Design for the Government of Karnataka

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Karnataka is one of the most vibrant states of India. Being regarded as “One State, Many Worlds”, the Karnataka State is characterized by monuments, heritage, nature, wildlife.

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Event Stall Design -The Process

The Government of Karnataka participated in Vibrant Gujarat 2013. The state wanted to showcase different aspects of their state in terms of their culture, people, heritage etc through event stall design. Timely coordination with the client and after rounds of sharing designs we finalized the layout and design of the stall ensuring maximum utilization of the space.

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Event Stall Design Execution

The event stall design was perfectly setup to showcase the different aspects of the state of Karnataka. Multiple branding panels with captivating images garnered the attention of the guests at the event.

Stall Design
Stall Branding
Stall Design
Stall design

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