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Generating Admission Leads for one of Ahmedabad’s Fastest Growing Private Universities

Here’s How We Helped Silver Oak University Generate 2K+ Leads in Just a Month

Frontend Promotions

Our frontend promotions strategies, grounded in educational marketing principles, aim to create brand awareness, engage the target audience, and generate interest in Silver Oak University’s programs and offerings. Leveraging educational marketing tactics, we craft compelling campaigns to resonate with prospective students and stakeholders alike.

Social Media Management

We had developed a comprehensive social media strategy to leverage platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. By consistently posting engaging content, interacting with followers, and running targeted ad campaigns, we have successfully increased the university’s social media presence and engaged prospective students.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of our digital marketing strategy for Silver Oak University. Our goal is to attract qualified leads who have shown interest in the university’s programs and convert them into prospective students.

Targeted Ad Strategies: Diverse Approach

Our ad campaigns for Silver Oak University were strategically divided into department-specific, course-specific, and generic diploma ads. This diversified approach ensured precise targeting, enhancing engagement and conversion rates across all academic offerings.

Enhanced Lead Generation Strategies through Targeted Ads and Remarketing

We’ve refined our lead generation tactics by crafting optimized social media ads, customized to highlight specific programs and capture visitor data through strategically placed lead capture forms. Through meticulous A/B testing and user behaviour analysis, we’ve boosted conversion rates, ensuring a consistent influx of leads. Additionally, our remarketing campaigns have rekindled interest among users who previously engaged with Silver Oak University but didn’t convert immediately. By strategically showcasing targeted ads across multiple platforms, we’ve amplified brand visibility and incentivized users to revisit the website, ultimately driving enrollment.