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How We Helped a UK Education Fair Get 3000+ Online Registrations & 1000+ Event Footfall

Landing Page Development

To kickstart our efforts, we developed a dedicated landing page for the Qualifi Education Fair, leveraging our expertise in digital marketing services. This page served as a comprehensive hub for information on the Qualifi Pathway to UK program, facilitating student registrations through an in-depth form. It showcased essential details about the event, highlighted the benefits for study abroad aspirants, provided insights into courses offered by Qualifi, and featured participating universities.

digital marketing services

Registration Portal Development

This is where the magic happened! We created a custom backend portal for Qualifi Education Fair! This portal held the key to everything SP Study Planner’s team required along with a separate secret pass for university representatives to access student information collected through the landing page. This process helped in two ways, at any given point, Team SP had access to the total number of leads generated. On the other hand, this portal made the job of University Representatives a lot easier. Instead of them having to manually fill sheets of details when a student comes visiting their stall, with just a click of a button, they were able to access everything they needed about students, including what program they were looking for, undergraduate or postgraduate, IELTS score and gap in education.

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Social Media Marketing

In today’s day and age, social media marketing can move mountains. And what better way to connect with young study abroad aspirants than reaching out to them via their favorite platform i.e. social media. The first phase of setting up the Qualifi Education Fair 2023 involved getting the word out! Letting students know that Ahmedabad‚Äôs Biggest UK Education Fair was just around the corner. From informative posts about Qualifi, the benefits of studying in the UK, universities visiting the fair, memes, and trending reels, we kept their feed active throughout to generate maximum awareness for maximum registrations.

digital marketing services
digital marketing services

Paid Advertising

To maximize lead generation for the Qualifi Fair, we strategically leveraged paid Facebook ads. These targeted advertisements played a pivotal role in capturing the attention of our desired audience and driving potential attendees to engage with the event. Through strategic campaign planning and meticulous audience targeting, our paid Facebook ads proved to be a powerful tool in generating valuable leads for the Qualifi Fair.

OOH Marketing

We engaged the masses through our multi-channel OOH advertising approach for the education fair in Ahmedabad, featuring hoardings, newspaper ads, and radio ads.

Creating the University Kit

Leading up to the much-anticipated day, we commenced the process of ticking off items from our university kit. This comprehensive package comprised a heartfelt welcome letter and a thoughtful gift for each university representative, recognizing their commitment to traveling to the fair. Additionally, we designed tabletop standees, providing clear guidance to both university representatives and students, directing them to the designated university tables.

Creating the Student Kit

Following that, we proceeded to assemble the components of the student kit. We curated a stylish student bag that contained a treasure trove of useful resources for the attending students. Included in the kit were discount and cashback vouchers, exclusively tailored for their consultation services with SP Study Planner. To further assist them, we included an nformative leaflet highlighting the advantages of Qualifi, along with a branded pen & notepad for taking notes during their personalized counseling sessions with university representatives.

Decking Up the Venue

Then came the pivotal aspect of venue branding, where we aimed to establish an incredibly aspirational ambiance for the students attending the fair. Venue branding plays a vital role in any event as it not only sets the tone of communication but also offers a sneak peek of what attendees can expect. Our primary objective was to forge a strong connection with our target audience, the students, in the most captivating way possible. Whether it was through the inclusion of a quirky photo booth, strategically placed placards, or vibrant signages guiding them throughout the fair, we spared no effort in ensuring that the Qualifi Education Fair event was a resounding success.

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