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Creating one-of-a-kind CGI videos for a Luxury Car Dealer

Landmark Cars Gujarat, is a prominent Mercedes-Benz dealer in Gujarat and has gained immense popularity due to its service and offerings in the luxury car segment. As their digital marketing partner, Bloop has been instrumental in boosting Landmark Cars’ online presence and brand visibility.

With CGI becoming increasingly popular, Landmark Cars recognized the potential of this innovative technology to elevate their marketing efforts. They approached us with a specific task: to create CGI videos that would showcase their products in a visually stunning and engaging manner. On three separate occasions, we collaborated with Landmark Cars to produce CGI videos for their DC Charger, C 43 Model, and Christmas promotions. Each video was meticulously crafted to highlight the unique features and appeal of the respective products, helping Landmark Cars stand out in the competitive automotive market. With great excitement, we present to you the CGI videos we’ve created for Landmark Cars. 

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