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Sustainable Brand Installation for a Luxury Car Dealer

Landmark Mercedes Gujarat teamed up with Bloop and embarked on an ambitious and inspiring project with the creation of the #TransformersGanesha installation for Ganesh Chaturthi. This innovative endeavour aimed to merge artistry with sustainability by utilizing scrap materials derived from cars, demonstrating Landmark Mercedes’ unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility. 


With intricate attention to detail and a deep reverence for tradition, the Transformers-themed Ganesha stood as a testament to the fusion of art and engineering excellence in brand installation. Beyond its visual appeal, the installation sparked meaningful conversations about sustainability and conscious consumption, echoing Landmark Mercedes’ ethos of driving positive change in both the automotive industry and the wider community. Through this artistic endeavor, Bloop and Landmark Mercedes showcased their shared values of innovation, sustainability, and the power of creativity to inspire positive change in the world.